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Race Engineering

Having worked in diverse racing series with various types of race cars at different positions I am able to adapt my knowledge and skills easily to any type of racing situation. I am able to understand and identify the needs of drivers as well as the car to improve overall performance and success. My wide spread knowledge and understanding at the racing business allows me to see the overall picture of the car.

Data Engineering

To support engineering decisions it is essential to know what is going on during driving. Having experience with different data recording systems and analysis tools as well as gained a high level understanding of sensors, systems and electronics I am able to get myself up to speed very quickly for virtually any system. Using state of the art data analysis skills a high level data analysis could help to identify driver and car issues. 

Possible areas of investigations could be:

Vehicle Dynamic Analysis, Driver Performance, Tyre Temperature & Pressure, Tyre Behaviour, Video Analysis, Telemetrie, Aerodynamic Analysis and others.

On going education and seminars with top level engineers the like of: Claude Rouelle from Optimum G, Danny Nowlan from ChassisSim and Jorge Seegers provide cutting edge analysis capabilities and ongoing improvement of skills and practices.

Systems Engineering

A very strong practical background in mechanics and electric / electronics provide first hand and hands-on experience in virtually any area of Automotive and Race car systems. Advice & Support could be offered in the areas of engine, gearboxes, electronics, electronic systems, hydraulics & pneumatic systems. Virtually everything from simple mechanical & electronical parts up to high level and complex systems like CAN bus systems could be covered.

Simulation Engineering

Testing time is nowadays a critical part of the racing business not only is it a matter of money also testing restrictions limit testing abilities. Simulation systems and tools offer a key advantage and are used ever more to get out the possible performance gains. Having used the ChassisSim system for different projects I am able to build up customised simulation models and apply them to estimate possible areas of performance increases and to support vehicle development. Validated simulation models could be used to support and assist setup decision on track and during race events.


My engineering and practical experience coupled with a hands-on experience means I am able to support and advice engineering / motorsport projects from the very beginning up to testing and development and racing activities. A deep insight into the motorsport field as well as strong links into the racing industry / business enables me to speed up development and testing processes (get more out of it in less time, be more efficient, using DoE testing).

A solid understanding of experimental techniques (DoE, Design of Experiments) and its limitations as well as high level data analysis could be offered to strengthen existing or growing structures. Custom made data analysis tools / systems or custom made programs could be created to assist development, analysis processes.

Courses and Training

Advice and education could be offered for analysis systems and techniques as well as on board and race car systems. Setup and adjustment advice, driver training and others.